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Universes 4.0

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Universes Update
At long last. Universes 4.0 is here. This means support for 1.16, a massive rewrite, and lots of squashed bugs.

When you modify groups in the groups.yml file you will have to restart or reload the server. The new /universereload (/ur) command will not be sufficient. I forgot to handle changes to the groups.yml in the command and the update has already been posted. I will fix this in the next update.

First things first, Universes uses a whole new storage system. To update follow along with this video: [MEDIA=youtube]aQAPmazPahk[/MEDIA]

Steps from the video:
1. turn off server
2. update plugin jar files
3. delete config.yml
4. start server
5. modify config.yml and database-config.yml for your needs
6. restart server
7. run /universeconvert or /uco
8. restart server

That is the most important part of the update process, so I encourage you to watch the video.

New Features in Universes
The new storage system is not the only new feature in Universes. In fact, here's a list of all the features:
- Difficulty toggle in World Settings GUI
- World prefixes that can be customized
- Blocked commands per world with block and unblock options in the World Settings GUI
- New override toggle in Overrides GUI for blocked commands
- new /universereload (/ur) command to reload plugin config files
- new /universeconvert (/uco) command to move your saved data to the database

Fixed bugs
- World difficulty resetting to easy on reload or restart
- numerous bugs with per world stats
- a few small bugs with teleport tracking

Known Bugs
- When creating or importing a world, spawn flags will reset to true across all worlds. This appears to be a bug in Spigot.

Universe-Nethers Update
Universe-Nethers is also receiving an update. It is now on version 2.0.

Changes in Universe-Nethers
- The Nether-Overworld 1:8 ratio is now accounted for
- Universe-Nethers now uses Minecraft to locate nearby portals to use before generating a new one
- Behavior is now (or at least should be) identical to vanilla

Universe-Ends Update
That's right! With Universes 4.0, Universe-Ends makes a return!
Universe-Ends is now on version 2.0

Changes in Universe-Ends
Universe-Ends has gone through a number of changes since it was removed. While it is still incomplete, it is stable, and I am comfortable including it in the zip archive again.

What to expect:
Entering the end will not feel like vanilla. You will not spawn on a 4x4 obsidian square. You will instead spawn at the world's spawn point, which, for the End, is always 0,0, where the exit gate is generated. You will find yourself on top of the pillar at the center of it. Until I can figure out how to make use of the End entry logic built into the game, or come up with my own algorithm to replicate it, this will be the case.

Closing Notes
Most of the changes that have been made with this version are behind the scenes. Using the plugin should feel similar to previous version, but smoother, perhaps a little faster, and obviously with the handful of new features.

Over a hundred hours of work went into this update in the last month, and I think the hard work has paid off. I really do hope you all like the update, as minimal as it may seem.

While this is a fun hobby project of mine, I do try to release timely updates when Minecraft updates. This one came about rather slowly because of the large changes I decided to make. To thank you for your patience, I'm going to let you guys in on a little something.

I've been spending a lot of time in the last few months looking at portals and portal frame detection. Right now, I have a functional implementation of a portal system in a testing plugin. It doesn't use frames yet, it can only be one block in size, and the system for detecting players at portals is really bad and inefficient...but it's a start. Yes, I am working on another extention plugin for Universes: Universe-Portals ;)

That just about wraps up the update. For those of you who are curious, I logged all the changes I made over the course of development as I created dev builds over on my website. Below, you will find a complete changelog of the entire update.

- remove lang, es, and en packages
- relocated child packages to parent package
- fixed import statements for relocation
- removed commented out code related to language swapping
- removed unused Spanish language setup code
- removed all events related to teleportation and respawning
- removed per world inventory system
- removed per world stats system
- added Universe class
- added UniversePlayer class
- added abstract SQL class
- coded create method in SQL
- coded insert method in SQL
- coded update method in SQL
- coded query method in SQL
- created MySQL subclass
- coded init method in MySQL
- coded connect method in MySQL
- created DatabaseConfig class/database-config.yml file for database related settings
- added AbstractFileSQL class
- added LocalDatabase subclass for creating a local database
- created SQLite subclass
- codes init method in SQLite
- coded connect method in SQLite
- create Serialize class
- import itemToString from old Universes to Serialize
- import stringToItem from old Universes to Serialize
- code serialize method
- code deserialize method
- fixed small bug with switch statement in query method in SQL
- SQL queries for inventory table implemented in Serialize
- created onlinePlayers HashMap in Universes main class
- Added PlayerChangeOnlineState class in place of JoinEvent to handle both joining and leaving
- coded join and leave event handlers that build UniversePlayer objects
- added player counter to Universe class
- added blocked commands array
- added methods in Universe class to add, remove, and check blocked commands
- implemented Serializer in UniversePlayer
- implemented SQL initialization in Universes main class
- Fixed error in SQL syntax in SQL class
- added check for existence of tables in database
- added inventory map to UniversePlayer
- renamed loadInventory() to storeInventory()
- added loadInventory which searches map for inventories
- created buildInventory() method in UniversePlayer
- created PlayerChangedWorld event handler to load new world's inventory
- added clearInventory() method in UniversePlayer
- added PlayerTeleport event handler
- added SaveInventoryTask to save inventories on timer
- added SaveAll to save inventories in multiple threads
- implemented PlayerTeleport and PlayerChangeWorld event handlers
- fixed null player bug in PlayerTeleport and PlayerChangedWorld
- fixed JSON parse on null results from query in deserialize() in Serializer
- changed inventories map in UniversePlayer to store ItemStack arrays instead of Inventory objects
- Renamed SaveAll to SaveInventoryThread
- Adjusted SaveInventoryThread to save only current inventory
- added call to storeInventory on player quit, on timer, and on PlayerTeleport
- added null check to storeInventory() in UniversePlayer
- fixed errors preventing storing and retrieving inventories from the database in SQL and Serializer
- Functional implemention of player inventories portion of PerWorldInventories
- moved inventory saving to PlayerChangeWorld
- created inventoryManagement() method in PlayerChangeWorld
- moved inventory management code to inventoryManagement()
- added stat management method
- duplicated UniversePlayer inventory manangement methods for ender chest management
- added enderChestManagement() in PlayerChangeWorld
- added check for player name change to update in database
- changed playerdata table to take json for the stats
- added stats JsonObject to UniversePlayer to store stats
- added buildStats(), loadStats(), saveStats(), and storeStats() methods to UniversePlayer
- added parseStats() and storeStats() methods to Serializer
- added query on join to check if player exists in table, inserts them if not
- removed PlayerTeleportEvent handler
- added statManagement() in PlayerChangeWorld
- fixed deserialize() in Serializer to account for ender chests
- fixed errors preventing loading of ender chest inventories and stats
- ender chest inventories per world functional
- stats per world functional
- added world settings variables and functions to Universe
- added ConvertCommand for converting worlds to new storage system
- world loading system rewritten for new storage system
- removed enderchest management functions from PlayerChangeWorld and UniversePlayer in favor of a single set of
functions to handle both
- reimplemented check for if per-world-inventories/stats is enabled
- removed SaveInventoryTask and SaveInventoryThread; they are not needed
- moved world loading code to WorldLoader
- moved command registrar, event handler registrar, and world loading trigger to UniverseLoader
- reorganized Universes main class
- implemented checks for if inventory grouping is on
- functional implementation of per-world-inventory-grouping
- implemented checks for per-world-stats
- functional implementation of per-world-stats
- per world inventories feature fully implemented and tested
- added inventory conversion code to ConvertCommand
- added player stats conversion code to ConvertCommand
- fixed error in SQL where there was no connection validation before attempting a reconnect to database
- ConvertCommand fully implemented
- fixed bug where spawn flags were ignored on restart and reload
- replaced long looped if conditionals with simple instanceof checks when removing entities on allowMonsters and
allowAnimals toggle
- modified Universe table in database to hold spawn location has JSON
- adjusted ModifyCommand and WorldSettingsGUI to update settings in database instead of file
- adjusted ChangePlayerLimit and ChangeRespawnWorld to update settings in database instead of file
- modified Universe table in database to hold game mode, spawn point, and respawn world
- rewrote CreateCommand to use new storage system
- modified DeleteCommand to use new storage system
- added permission check to ConvertCommand
- added permission Universes.convert to plugin.yml
- fixed typo in Universes.spawn permission child in Universes.* permission
- added /universeconvert command to HelpCommand
- rewrote import command for new storage system
- replaced string concatonation in loop with a StringBuilder in ListWorldsCommand
- made reload command functional
- added previous location management code to UniversePlayer
- modified SpawnCommand to use new Universe class and UniversePlayer class
- rewrote TeleportCommand to use new UniversePlayer and Universe classes
- added RespawnEvent to handle PlayerRespawnEvent for use-respawnWorld
- added PlayerDeathEvent handler to RespawnEvent for saving location on death
- renamed teleport-tracking track-previous-locations in config.yml
- added new config option "save-location-on-death", to save the death location as a previous location for teleport tracking
- removed save-inventory-on-death from config.yml as it is no longer used
- modified code for SQLite errors when using a local database
- created TeleportEvent with PlayerTeleportEvent handle to save previous locations on world change from non-Universes commands
- added prefix-chat option to config.yml
- created ChatPrefixFile to create prefixes.yml
- removed unneeded global variables from Universes main
- added ChatEvent for AsyncChatEvent handler
- added code to change chat format and add world tags
- fixed bug in ConvertCommand that prevented the rest of the plugin from being able to read xp and levels
- rewrote Universe-Nethers to work with new storage system
- added event priority to u-nethers PlayerPortalEvent handler
- added InventoryManagement class
- moved inventory and stat management methods from PlayerChangeWorld to InventoryManagement and made them static
- rewrote Universe-Ends to fix old bugs and to make it work with the new storage system
- added abiity to change difficulty to ModifyCommand
- added difficulty toggle to WorldSettingsGUI
- fixed bug in stat conversion where health or hunger levels at 0 were not reset to 20, resulting in death upon entering a world
- added PortalEvent to handle PlayerPortalEvent to check if to world is full
- modified option names in OverridesUI
- added blocked commands column to database
- added BlockCommands and UnblockCommands for blocking and unblocking commands
- added Blocked Commands Override to OverridesUI
- added Block Commands and Unblock Commands options to WorldSettingsUI